A lot of women love to wear any type of religious jewelry. The cross necklace for a woman is a very important piece of her jewelry collection. When a Christian refers to a cross necklace we are referring to the one cross that our Lord Jesus was crucified on. We love to wear a cross whether it is gold, silver, and wooden is even okay too. A cross jewelry necklace is a wonderful gift for a woman or for any person really.

The actual word cross comes from the Latin word crux. The cross was a Roman device used for torture. It was mostly made out of trees that had the shape of a cross as we know the cross. Many men were either nailed to the cross or some were also tied to the cross. Some were both tied and nailed. Either way, it was a very slow and torturous death for the person going through this method of crucifixion. To the Christian the cross also represents the sacrifice that Jesus of Nazareth died for all humanity. Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins. So, when a cross necklace is worn by a woman or a man it is worn as an endearment in remembering what Jesus did for us.

Women wear more cross necklaces as religious jewelry than any other piece used. When women wear their cross necklace it is showing the utmost form of respect for our beliefs in our Lord and Savior. A cross is usually placed around the neck, or in the hand, or lying on the body of a deceased loved one in their coffin.

There are some crosses made out of beads that also say the words What Would Jesus Do? This usually has the beads in the middle and is made with a long leather-type string as the necklace part. Then it is beaded together at the end of necklace. A lot of youth groups in churches make this kind of cross necklace. This cross is also handed out as a gift to many new members when joining a church.

For any holiday that comes around a Christian Cross makes a wonderful gift for any Christian. It doesn’t matter if it is for a man, woman, teenager, or child. They all love to wear crosses. It also doesn’t matter if it is gold, silver, wood, or even beaded. It can be handmade or it can be purchased anywhere, it doesn’t matter because people love to wear Christian crosses no matter what.