Why The Kindle makes a great reading device for book lovers:

The Kindle is a reading device that works well with people on the move, even if you do stay home to read, it's very efficient and weighs a mere 10.2 ounces for the Kindle 2 , making it a great travel reading companion. If your mother happens to love reading, The Kindle is a fitting gift because not only is the Kindle lightweight, but it's also provides the ability to use the Amazon estore to the fullest extent with the chance to read the first chapters of each eBook before you choose to fully download and pay for each book.

So what about the Kindle vs ipad ?

When it comes to the Kindle vs ipad, many people would agree that these are two very separate reading devices. Both the Kindle and the ipad differ in many areas, the most significan area, being price. The Kindle 2 happens to be significanly less in price at a starting point of $189 for a brand new Kindle, whereas the iPad starts at $500+. Have a look at the following comparisons between the Kindle and iPad to come to your own judgements:

Readability Winner: Amazon Kindle With the iPad spotting an IPS LCD screen with much better contrast, the Kindle appears to be much closer to the comfortable, smooth look of paper. This is due to e-ink and the fact that this reading device lacks a 60Hz refresh rate, which also helps users of the Kindle to read for many hours without any complication even while in direct sunlight.

Graphics Winner: Apple ipad

The Kindle is structured with more of a newspaper qualities, although it's an excellent ebook reader, when it comes to graphics and capability to this task or reading color magazines, the Apple iPad, makes for a much better graphics viewing device. With the Apple iPad, you get full color and a 60 times per second refresh rate for fluid video. This comes in handy when viewing magazines online and using other interactive features to which the Kindle can not really compete with.

Portability Winner: Amazon Kindle If you had to choose between lugging around a backpack full of magazines and books, but the Kindle has the iPad defeated by miles on end when it comes to it's portability function. Measuring a mere 0.34 inches thick and at the weight of only 8.7 ounces, the Kindle makes the 24 ounce, 0.5 inch thick iPad feel like a large dumbell.

Battery Life Winner: Amazon Kindle

With the Apple iPad, you will get an impressive battery life of 10 hours, which is more than other ereader devices. However, with the Kindle, you can read on for days and at times weeks without the need to charge the device! Now that's amazing battery life !

Library Selection Winner: Apple iPad

Many people can argue until the cow's get home about the Amazon Kindle library as compared to the Apple iTunes book library, but the simple fact remains that the Kindle can only access the Amazon library, however, the iPad has the ability to access both the Amazon Kindle store, as well as Apple iTunes store, Barnes & Noble Nook library and so much more, all through the use of apps ! Apple iPad owners tend to have a more enhanced platform when it comes to library access and this allows them to gain more access to printed content to which most e-readers have limited access over.

Price Winner: Amazon Kindle

The price comparison between the Kindle vs iPad is similar to a comparison between a motorcycle and a muscle car. Comparing these two reading devices this way is quite unfair for a few reasons, however for most people, the most important and determining factor is the price. The Kindle now runs for as low as $139 to $189 for the Wi-Fi only version that also comes with a lifetime 3G access to which you can use to download books while on the go. For the Apple iPad on the other hand, the price runs starting at $499, while the iPad 3G starting price is $629 plus factor in the monthly data charges of $15 for the At&T network and more depending what network you choose to use. This brings the total two year price disparity between the two reading devices to around $800.

Overall, when you compare the Kindle vs iPad, you'll find that each device has it's own strength's as well as it's own weaknesses. If you just want an advanced device specifically for reading alone, then the Kindle is your best bet. On the other hand if you want a device to store and view photos and other graphics as well as enjoy the occasional magazine or newspaper, then the Apple iPad is your best choice.