The Christian promise ring can be used for many different purposes. It can be a very spiritual connection between God and our belief in a promise from the heart. Many different people of different ages both male and female both use the promise ring for their devotion, whether it be devotion to God or to another person. A purity ring is used mostly by young people in reference to them staying pure until they are married.

When referring to a person’s faith, a promise ring is worn because he or she wants to show their devotion to God. This is usually a Christian person such as a nun, a monk, or a seminary student and a lot of catholic priest wear a promise ring too. Also, since I am only familiar with the Christian faith, I don’t rule out other religions having a similar piece of jewelry in reference to their faith. It could also be a ring since a ring is used in so many ways.

Pendants and necklaces are also being used for promise pledges. Sometimes it is easier to wear a necklace or pendant than it is to wear a ring. There are so many different pieces of jewelry that are being used this way other than just a ring. If you are going to give a person a ring or piece of jewelry representing a promise then you might want to check with them to see what they prefer. I have also known some young people to even trade bracelets or necklaces made out of beads to represent their promise to another person.

When checking rings out there is one that says W8ing. What this means is waiting. This is one that is used also as a purity ring, and what this means is that person is waiting for that special someone they have chosen to be their partner in life before they decided to have an intimate sexual relationship. That is really great because with all of our sexual related diseases these days in might be nice to know that this person has never participated in this type of intimacy with another.

Whatever the reason one decides to wear a Promise Ring or Purity Ring the most important thing is that the message comes from the heart. You can use many different types of jewelry to express this devotion and that does depend on you as an individual. It is always nice to have something from someone showing us their devotion and promises to us and a Promise Ring is a great way of showing this.