Choosing the Right Pair Of Chick Hot Pants for Women

Choosing the Right Pair Of Chick Hot Pants for Women

Talking about the part of clothing that women should be really critical about is the pair of pants. It usually happens that people concentrate at the label rather than looking at how the pants will look at us.

It will be very true to say that pants are just like other pieces of clothing and they should embody the users craving for fashion as well as its sense of utility. They should always complement the body shape of the user.

We should not get ourselves in trouble by wearing a sexy pair of denims when they don’t fit our waistline. Women who have large hips, thighs and butts with small waistline should avoid wearing tight jeans.

In case they can’t resist wearing them then there should be an extra inch of fabric for the stretch.This will enable you to move around easily. Also it is better to wear darker colors in denims as stone washed jeans are not meant to compliment such hips.

There are options that enable you to for the flared jeans that usually look good on taller women or slim fit jeans that complement for average sized women.

The basic rules to keep in mind while buying chick hot pants for women with big hips and thighs are as follows:

• Avoid too tight or too flat bottom pants

• Select the pants with higher waistline

• Do not get pants that are overly embroidered

• For denims, light colors are just a no-no

For ladies with thinner figure, following rules must be followed:

• If you overall skinny body profile then go for the cropped pants. It should not be from the length’s purpose but it includes the arms, shoulders and at torso.

• Do not wear the jeans that are skinny and exceed your ankles

• Jeans with lower waistlines should be bought

• In order to accentuate your legs, wear light colored jeans

Cargo and Capri pants are the ones that compliment both the women i.e. with long as well as short legs. Skinny women who have height to show off, look good in crinkle pants, cargo pants, khakis, carpenter pants and navy pants.

On the other hand, when tall women wear the denim pants, then instead of going for cropped ones they should buy skinny of flared. Petites should go for tight fitting rather than loose ones in order to give the illusion that they have longer legs.

They should go for the skinny cords, denim trousers, boot cards and riding leggings.

Color of the chic hot pants for women are as important as mixing the elements i.e. flunk the combination of colors and you will be experiencing the lab explosion etc. in case you are not looking for the denim pants and want to go for more colorful substitutes, then remember the underlined points:

• Go for breezier colors except during summer when you should go for the highly saturated pants.

• Decide about your fashion yourself. Match the colors and if you get them according to your needs then wear them or do not at all.

Being a woman you are bound to perform several activities and hence you must have collection of pants with you for different occasions of life.

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