Choosing a Face Cream: Expensive is Not Always the Best

Some people will pick up whatever face cream they come to first, regardless of the key ingredients, the packaging or the price. Some will only buy from certain product lines or shops. And some people are so clueless about what their skin needs that they will just avoid buying anything at all. These are all skin care no no’s, and should be stopped immediately!

Do not just settle on whatever skin cream you come to when you walk down the beauty aisle. Although it may seem intimidating to be faced with the seemingly endless choices, it is well worth your effort to take a little bit of time to study what is offered.

Have a sense about your skin’s own identity including what your skin type is. Read through some of the ingredients that are listed on the creams and make some choices: do you want to use all natural, mostly natural or do you think your skin is so far gone that only chemicals will help? If you have any allergies, or sensitive skin, you should know what your triggers are and avoid those products that contain them. If you are truly confused, consult with a salesclerk or seek professional help.

Do not focus on name brand or the hype from the latest sales campaign. Sometimes the same ingredients can be had in a comparable formula for far less than the hefty price tag that the upper level brands may carry with them. If you are going to have to skip meals for the week following a purchase, is that skin care really worth it?

(Remember, proper nutrition is essential to good skin quality as well, so you are not helping.)

A good skin cream is one that leaves your skin soft, smooth and well hydrated, as well as one that you can actually afford. If you do have a brand that you are familiar with for other products, investigate what they offer in the manner of skin creams. In the case of the direct sales where you deal with a salesperson one-on-one, ask for samples of the creams that you would like to try and note how much you like or dislike each one. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that the less expensive brand is the one that does the best job for you, but that is not always the case.

No matter what, do not allow price, confusion or the fear of certain ingredients keep you from buying a face cream. If you need to ask several people for opinions to narrow your field of choices down, then by all means do so. Ask your family, friends and professionals, and remember, a good skin care routine is only as good as your dedication to it.