Do you have a few chicken pox scars? This is pretty common in adults. Most just decide to live with them. For others this is not acceptable. With so many looking for a chicken pox scar removal treatment a whole industry has been born. There are hundreds of products that claim to eliminate these and other types of scars.

There has been some great advances in the medical profession when it comes to scar treatments, even the stubborn scars from a childhood chicken pox outbreak. Laser surgery, microdermabrasion, cosmetic surgery, steroid and collagen injections, with more being developed every year.

There is also the acclaimed home remedies, dozens of them that claim to be effective for chicken pox scar removal. Sandalwood oil, vitamin E oil, honey, freshly cut lemon, raw garlic rubs, gulbaaz plant, honey and literally dozens more.

Good god! You got to be kidding right... rubbing garlic on your skin? I don't know about the chicken pox scars but I'm sure that will make most people go away!

Sorry just couldn't help myself, but you get the point, some of the claims seem outrageous.

With so many things to sort through, where do you start?

The fact that our looks are so important in this modern society means that most are willing to try almost anything to remove those pesky chicken pox scars. And yes people judge you immediately by your appearance. All opportunities are more often that not offered to the "beautiful people" first! Not fair, just fact.

Let's get our priorities straight first.

Having chicken pox scars is not a life threatening situation. Depressing and aggravating maybe, but at least you don't have to rush into anything without doing your research first. Learn everything you can about chicken pox scar removal first, then you will be able to make informed decisions about your treatments.

Scars from chicken pox are a little different from most other scars (except ice pick acne scars) in the fact that they are crater like instead of being raised above skin level. This makes treatments like removal creams, dermabrasion therapies and some other methods practically useless since you need to bring the scar area up to the surface level of the healthy skin.

You will need to favor treatment methods that re-activate the skin's healing processes and trigger collagen fiber growth under the low spots to fill in these "poxed" areas. A dermatologist should be your first choice but is not your only option. There are home treatments available that can also accomplish this.

So it's back to you. Can you live with a couple of chicken pox scars or would you rather do something about them. Chicken pox scar removal is possible, but it will take time and effort on your part to "make it happen."

A previous scar sufferer and medical researcher named Sean Lowry has developed a treatment plan that works on most scars, even chicken pox scars. He has published his protocol in a down-loadable e-book titled "The Scar Solution." This inexpensive resource could be your first step to your chicken pox scar removal.

Remember, there are 3 types of people in this world...

Those who wonder what happened.

Those who watch what happen.

Those who make things happen.

Which will you choose to be?