You take it out of the box and the first thing you notice is how light it is compared to previous Canon Cameras due to its plastic body. This sort of makes it feel a little less robust but with plastics these days I’m sure it will handle just as much as any other case.

It looks like most other DSLR cameras on the market at the moment and with a twin lens kit, 18 mega pixels of resolution, a 3 inch rear display and high-definition video built in, it sure has got everything that a hobby photographer could want or need.

Canon Rebel T2i The Camera You Can Grow With

The Canon Rebel T2i is the perfect camera for anyone wanting to dip their toe in the well of DSLR photography.

This camera has a lot of the features of the much higher end cameras without the price tag. With a resolution of 18 megapixels which is an upgrade from the previous model and now is equivalent to the high end Canon 7D

The Sensor is not as quick but the resolution is the same allowing for excellent quality crisp clear shots.

New 3 Inch Display

The display although still the usual 3 inch as previous models it is now wider giving it the same 3:2 ratio of the images recorded by the camera, this means when viewing recorded photos or when shooting in live mode the image fills the whole screen giving you a much better visual aspect of what you are capturing.

The resolution of this screen has also been increased making the images look a lot more detailed.

The difference in screen resolution between models is not something I need to go into in this Canon Rebel T2i review as I don’t think it really affects the camera that much for the average photographer.

Canon Rebel T2i Video Mode

Now with a HD video built into the camera this allows you to capture video when a still shot just won’t cut it. The quality of this video is as good as your average HD camera on the market today and is convenient for creating clips for YouTube and other social media sites.

This feature alone makes this camera great value when you look at what it would cost to purchase these products separately, have to lug around 2 devices, and the time you would save switching from one camera to the next when you really need to hurry to capture that shot or footage.

Twin Lens Kit

The Canon Rebel T2i comes standard with a twin lens kit that is perfect for general photography needs. With good magnification and enough zoom take photos in most situations it again works well to begin with and then as your photography skill increases you can upgrade to some of Canons other lenses to suit your needs.

Memory Card

The Rebel T2i also Supports newer SDXC memory cards. These cards are expensive but allows up to 2TB of storage, which is great if your on that extended safari holiday and are taking large numbers of photos and video!

Summary Of The Canon Rebel T2i Review

All in all this is a great all round camera for anyone who wants to get into digital SLR photography, it has some really good features that normally only come with a much more expensive camera, and if you need a HD camera as well you will save there as well.

This camera can grow as you do and I don’t see its 18 megapixels being out used any time soon. For my money this is a top buy and I personally use mine as a second point and shoot when I don’t want to bring out the more expensive cameras.