Bras for Big Boobs

I don't know about you, but I am fascinated with boobs. No matter how small or large they are I will be checking your boobs out - not because I am gay but because I wonder if you have the same struggle that I have.

I am a whopping 34H cup bra. I have a love hate relationship with my breasts, I like the fact they make my waist appear slim and when they are in the correct bra and not kissing my knees I have an hour glass figure.

However finding a plus size pretty bra (being 30, I dont want to wear a bra that my great granny would wear) seemed impossible. I went in the big stores such as Debenhams, M&S, after being told that I am a C cup and squashed in bras that I was bulging out of, I lost all heart of ever looking nice and was seriously considering cosmetic surgery to have an reduction.

Then someone suggested Bravissimo! they are specialise in the larger cup bras, they fit properly and the bras are gorgeous!! plus they come with a 6 month warranty - how good is that?!

What about naughty undies?? I went into Ann Summers with a friend recently who is lucky enough to have a cracking figure and a C cup chest which happen to be pert. ( I would like to say that facially she resembles a bulldog sucking on a wasp or she has a personality that would cure insomnia. She hasnt & doesnt, I am very lucky to have her as a friend) while my friend is able to wear a bra that is made of tiny straps what about the rest of us girls? The bra in question would groan loudly and snap within seconds of me attempting to wear it. Where can I go if I want to own saucy underwear & actually look good in it?? This I am still trying to figure out.

As much as I love Bravissimo & I do, I am girl who likes to have more than one choice. Afterall there are thousands of clothes, shoe shops to cater for every style & look, why should I be reduced to having just one shop where I can buy Lingerie from? Ladies, I am on a mission to find shops, websites that will cater for the larger cup bras that wont make me spill out of them after one wash. I want bras that make me feel feminine, sexy. I want bras that I actually look sexy & feminine in! I want the option of being able to wear extremely saucy underwear, even if its just to frighten the man in question for my own amusement! -Now who is with me?!