Be A Christmas Trend Setter – Get Fijit Friends For The Girls

Have your family discovered the Fijit friends yet? No, you say. What are they you say? Well they are new and they are guaranteed to be one of the trend setting girls' toys this Christmas. Why, you might ask. Well one of the reasons I think, is that interactive toys are very much 'in' at the moment and the Radica Fijit Friends are wonderfully interactive toys.

The idea behind them is that they came to be as the result of some strange scientific experiment, that did not quite turn out as expected. The reason behind this unexpected result was the effects of the power of music. There are four of them, each has their own color, and they have also each been given aspects of a special personality.

For example, Sage - the green one, is the Fijit who is always ready for adventure and loves searching out and discovering new things. Now which little lady do you know who would like to meet Sage?

Willa, the purple one, is the trend-setting Fijit Friend, new and cool. Is purple still the 'in' color? Willa is confident, stylish and a natural born leader, she could be great fun to have as your friend.

Serafina, the pink one is the little girly Fijit. She is a real sweetie-pie friend all in pink. Pink to make the boys wink, as they used to say when I was young.

Finally I would like to introduce you to Logan, all in blue. She is the Fijit Friend who is keen on sporting activities.

So you can see there is a personality to suit pretty much all the little girls you know. The Fijit friends are little robots, who have an amazing squeezable skin, which means they can move as if they are alive. They love to dance and when they hear the music they are off. They are always ready and straight away turn into little dancing cuties.

As well as being able to recognize the rhythm in a song and dance with it, they can also understand more than two and a half dozen spoken commands and they themselves can say loads of phrases and tell funny stories.

The Fijit Friends have their own original songs and as well as their distinct colors, they feature different voices, interchangeable ears and they each have their own personalities.

They are expected to be one of the hot trends of Christmas 2011 and will continue to be a popular toy, as they will interact with their friend as she plays with them.