The Apple In Ear Buds are a set of earphones that are made by Apple. Inc that are of a much higher quality then the stock phones that come with the iDevices like iPods and iPhones. The Apple In Ear Buds review that I'm going to write here is about the 2008 variety, the ones on sale at the moment. I bought the Apple In Ear Buds a few weeks ago and have been using them ever since. This is what I think of them.

The Apple In Ear Buds come in a small box (although larger then the iPod nano packaging) wrapped up in a small triangle carry case. They also include a little 'pill' (some have said it looks like the packaging for a French suppository although I can't comment on that!). This 'pill' contains the little buds which are different sizes. These enable the ear buds to fit in your ear, since the Apple In Ears are canalphones, going inside the ear canal for a more immersive and powerful musical experience.

As everything Apple, they are stark white and grey.

The Apple In Ear Buds have got two drivers in each earpiece, quite a feat when you see just how tiny the ear buds are. The two drivers power a woofer and a tweeter, for the low end of the music (bass) and the tweeter for the mid range and high frequencies. This enables excellent instrumental separation especially at this price range (around $79 US dollars). When you're listening to the Apple In Ear Buds, you can almost walk right into the music and take a look around. It's extremely clear and virtually distortion free.

If you're someone who likes bone shaking bass, then you probably want to look elsewhere. These earphones render music basically as it was recorded so if you're looking for 'bass expanders' etc then you will be disappointed. That said, I love the bass on these earphones. It sounds full and warm, and I can't get over how good it sounds (when you've gotten used to not having the pounding bass).

A word to potential buyers of the Apple In Ears: If you find you aren't getting a lot of bass then you need to make sure you are wearing the headphones correctly.

Because canalphones require the space in your ear to create the sound, it's important that you get a good fit.

Overall, I think the Apple In Ear Headphones are a good purchase. I like the sound they create, and I like the price. They might not satisfy hard core audiophiles, but for the general to more demanding listener, they are absolutely perfect.