Air Hogs Hyperactive – RC Racing Cars Or Spaceships?

Did you know that Air Hogs HyperActive Racers have been nominated as one of the hottest boys toys of 2011?  Also this fabulous remote control car is expected  to be the best selling boys  toy for Christmas 2011.

BAHH - that is Before Air Hogs hyperactive, remote control  (RC) cars were either too small or too big, too cheap so they did not last, or too expensive, so they were out of reach.

At the New York Toy Fair in 2011, Air Hogs, already the champion of RC helicopters, released the Air Hogs Hyperactive. It is an RC car that is affordable, while maintaining the high quality that we expect from this brand and the size is right too.

As we know Air hogs are RC experts and they have used a lot of expertise to produce this very special new car. One of the best features, in my opinion, is the bar going over the top. This means that when the car goes over, it gets back the right way round quickly, without the player having to go running after it to right it. It is these plastic rollover hoops which make the car look a bit like a cross between a spaceship and a race car.

Believe it or not these cars are said to reach the fantastic top speed of something like 22mph.

It is quite small, which makes it the perfect size to use in the house - a great idea for a winter time gift. It also means you can design race tracks for it around the furniture and it will be able to get around in the tightest of  places. It has a control range of up to 150 feet, so it will really look as if it is off on its own.

Another feature I love is that for very sensitive areas, you can change to foam tires, for additional safety. I also love the fact that your car will not interfere with others, because it is fitted with the latest developments in special frequency RC technology, so you can set up great races with loads of friends. 

The controller and battery charger are included and it needs 6 AA batteries. The car does not have antennas sticking out, so this makes them much easier to control. The controller also has a speed-limiting knob, making speed more controllable.

If you have to buy presents for younger teenage boys, 12+ is the recommended age range, this is a great gift and also as a fun stocking filler for some of those older boys who have not quite grown up yet.

The latest news is that Hyperactives RC has been nominated for a 'People's Play Award' - voting finishes on 28th November 2011.

I do not know many boys who would not jump at the chance to get their hands on the remote controller of an air hogs hyperactive remote controlled car.