Air Hogs And Remote Controlled Helicopters – Perfect Toys For Boys Of All Ages

Whoever said that 'helicopters are only for the rich, or the enlisted' is right, but when we talk about remote-controlled models, then it no longer applies. Flying and driving appeal to boys of all ages and if you are looking for the perfect gift for a male child this Christmas, why not take a look at the Air hogs hyperactive and the Syma remote control helicopters ranges?

The prices for remote control toys have dropped like a stone over the past few years, mainly because of manufacture in China and of course the huge increase in popularity that follows now that better quality models are available. Both the Air Hogs and the Syma are sturdy and able to withstand a few crashes, while still being stylish and fast, the Hyperactive is said to top speeds of over 20mph.

The Air Hogs hyperactive cars can be used indoors and out, whereas the Syma helicopters are strictly an indoor toy. However, with its bar that goes over the top which allows the Air Hog to self-right if it goes over, this size of car is perfect for in the house. The house environment is where this car will really shine, on your own private race tracks and stunt tracks, you even have a choice of wheels rubber to foam wheels. This toy was voted Best Kids' Toys for Adults at the prestigious New York Toy Fair 2011.

The Syma helicopters are excellent for younger children, as they are extremely stable and easy to fly. They are perhaps a bit slower than some other models, but that is usually not a bad thing, when flying indoors, or when the pilot is inexperienced. They are simple to use, no need for adjustments and they work right out of the box. There has been no need so far to adjust the trim on either of our boys' helicopters.

They will survive a lot more crash landings than the cheaper plastic versions, as the inner bodies are metal, so even if the plastic covering breaks, they will still carry on flying.

The S107 includes another great design idea - the helicopter will charge from a USB port, as well as from the remote, so it can just sit by your computer while you charge it and it will fly around 7 or 8 minutes on a 30- 45 minute charge via USB. You can also charge it from the remote, but the USB facility is very handy.

So whether your 'boys' want to race remote-controlled cars, or learn to fly remote-controlled model helicopters, these will give them hours of boy-toy fun.