A Great Gift Idea For Younger Teenage Girls

Who are the most difficult people to buy gifts for? I usually find it is the one I am currently shopping for! When a girl is in her early teens - in fact anywhere from 11 to 14, she will of course be interested in things quite different from a girl in her later teens - 15 to 18. These younger teenage girls are in that middle phase and sometimes, they will welcome gifts which might be thought of as toys or dolls.

Obviously, this cannot be any old child's baby doll or plush animal. But a very special toy, with a personality, which gives a response when you touch or talk to it, could easily fill the gift space. Fijit Friends are not going to be every young girl’s best friend, but many, many girls in that awkward age from 9-14 will simply adore them. Fijit friends will talk to you, tell jokes and dance with you, even when you feel sad and blue.

These little robots are interactive, and full of personality; they talk, dance, laugh and bring innovation into this difficult market.

It can be very challenging to find gifts for this particular age group. Not yet grown up, but clearly not a child either, a teenage girl inhabits a hard-to-please in-between stage. When purchasing gifts for a teenage girl, it is best not to buy those that are too old for her, because you do not want her to grow up faster than she will anyway.

At this age, friends start to become all important, much more so than family and especially parents. The Fijit friend is a friend in the bedroom, that never says anything negative to her and is always ready to dance or tell jokes, no matter what the time of day.

Let her discover what happens when you play your own music; fijit will boogie on down and dance. Inside she has sensors, which help her to move to the rythm. This means she can get it on to various types and styles of music. These can range from you favorite slow love ballads, to the latest hit rock and pop numbers.

Watch as she dances along and you can join in too. Ask her to sing and she will come up with her own songs.

She is happy to chat to you at anytime and she has built in software so she can hear and recognize your voice. This allows her to remember over two dozen commands and then she can reply, with well over a hundred sayings and funny jokes.

When it is time to sleep and you wish your Fijit Friend goodnight, she will glow for you, like a comforting nightlight, as she falls peacefully to sleep.

While there is probably no such thing as the ideal gift, when buying for your younger teenage girl, you could do much worse than introduce her to the fijit friends.